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Berea Cemetery at Berea Church of Christ

Located just south of Berry Springs, AL (Cherokee County) on County Road 62, at the intersection of County Road 99.

This is the Berea Church of Christ and a complete listing of the people who are buried in it's cemetery, as of November 10, 2006. The names listed are not in ABC order by name but in the order of the rows in which they are buried. I have started the row closest to the church building as row number one and started the names from left to right or from the tree line back towards the street. Any name that is in underlined in blue may be clicked to view their marker.


This is a special church for me because many of my family members are buried here. The names listed are from the markers which were found. Any unknown spaces are not listed. Some spaces were either blank, which could be spaces which are reserved for family who have not passed away and some were marked with a stone with no name on it. If you have any information on any of the unknown markers, please email me so I can update our information.

A view from the backside of the church, looking at row one

A view from the gravel lane that runs beside the cemetery

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