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Dutch Cove, Alabama

Joseph Hasseltine Weaver tells a story in his diary about the move they made from NC to AL when they settled on Mill Creek and bought a mill they used to make money. The area was soon called Dutch Cove because the Weavers were from Germany. The mill they bought has since vanished but the area where the mill once stood still shows logs that may have been timbered during the time of the mill operating. Below are both maps of the area where the mill was, pictures and videos of present time. It is nestled on Cherokee County Road 97 and pin pointed by using a GPS on the spot where the mill stood. I took these pictures and videos on December 15, 2006 and the picture with the driveway in it is a marker for you to use to help find this area. The driveway is almost right across the street from the spot of the mill. If you can find the driveway you will see right around this area the opening in Mill Creek where the video was taken. I hope this will be helpful to everyone who has heard of the area of the Dutch Cove but due to where you live, may never get to see it in person. If you do get to go to this area, the cemetery where George Monroe Weaver and Sarah Jane (Pledger) Weaver are buried is just north of this spot in the Hopewell Cemetery.  

(longitude and latitude for Dutch Cove=34.343597, -85.502432)

This is looking northeast, back towards the area of  Summerville, Georgia

This is looking east, towards Highway 114 in Chattooga County GA, the easiest way to this location

This is looking southeast

This driveway is across the street where the mill was located

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