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Welcome to my genealogy / family tree research.  My name is John Sentell and I have been researching my genealogy for many years.  Some years more than others but what information I have found I want to share with you.  My direct genealogy comes from a marriage between a Murphy and a Sentell in Cherokee County, Alabama.  I have been able to link backwards and forwards and branch off of siblings all in directions with the four major surnames in my research being Pleadger, Weaver (Weber), Murphy & Sentell (Sentelle). 

If you think the information I have can assist you or if you have any information that could assist me, please send me a message.  The research is protected with a username and password that will be accepted once a connection is made.  

Some names to see if a quick match can be made are:

(Pledger): John Pledger, Joseph Pledger, Thomas Pledger, Thomas Henry Pledger, John Shelton Pledger, William Bunyan Pledger & William Roy Pledger

(Weber / Weaver): Hans Jacob Weber, Valentin Weber, Hans Michel Weber, Johann Nicolaus Weber, Johann Valentine Weber, Heinrich Weber I, Jacob Thomas Weaver & George Monroe Weaver.

(Murphy): Amos Murphy, Moses F Murphy, Jeremiah Murphy, & John Francis “John Terry” Murphy

(Sentell & Sentelle): John Sentell, Samuel Sentell, Jonathan L. Sentell, William Sentell, Samuel Sentell, Jonathan Sentell, Starlling Sentell, John Jonathan Sentell, John Jackson Sentell & John Jasper Sentell.


Thank you for visiting, please send me a message and make yourself at home.

John Sentell

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