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Recovering Reality

Statistics show that less than 15% of people that struggle with addiction issues get clean and sober and stay clean and sober. That number can and should be much higher!


At Recovering Reality Erik Frederickson addresses unhealthy thinking and empowers you with hope and vision moving forward.


Erik is 38 years old, married and currently living in Southwest Florida with his lovely wife and two sons. Erik comes from a troubled past and is now a living representation of God's grace. His focus is in the state of Florida, but he travels all over America speaking and passionately coaching individuals from many backgrounds into healthy and successful personal and professional lives. 


His speaking engagements are filled with valuable insights and encouragement, and his recovery coaching is helping countless people live free from addiction.


He has a unique skill set and a passion for excellence. His simple and powerfully effective approach helps people deconstruct negative and ineffective mindsets and build positive and success driven mindsets to replace them with. He has seen successful results with every kind of person you can imagine, from the down and out to the successful and driven.

Working with so many different types of people has richly enhanced his ability to meet people where they are at and coach them to the next level of their destiny.

Visit his website for Podcast Radio Interviews about recovery coaching, his own recovery journey and a 14 Day Devotional, "Freedom from Addiction", made available on the YouVersion Bible App.

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